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House Hunt


No need to be afraid.  We’ll walk you through step by step.

Luxury Home


Purchasing your first home, refinancing, or purchasing investment properties

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Understanding the dynamics of the mortgage industry is key.



Each business niche may require a unique functionality of its own… With that notion in mind, our team of professionals are well equipped and ready to help get you into your dream home.

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Strategic Planning

We listen to your needs, understand your bottom line, and provide you with the best mortgage for your unique circumstances.

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Every client is unique therefore, we strive to help you through the maze of home financing.

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Loan Programs

We take pride in offering you the best mortgage loan programs.

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Competitive Pricing

We offer a wide variety of loan programs and competitive rates.

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We have earned the respect of the professionals in the industry and the trust of its clients.

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Save Money

With our experience and loan programs, we can offer the best loan program to save you money.

What do we offer?
About Shiba


Owner, Mortgage Broker

I am a dedicated mortgage professional that has worked on both ends of the spectrum. As a processor, I know everything that is needed to move your file through quickly and efficiently making your closing happen without a hitch! I am a person that loves the challenges that each new loan brings.

As a licensed Mortgage Broker for the states of Georgia, Florida and Tennessee

(with several more States to follow) I offer my processing expertise and a variety of custom loan programs that are designed to meet the needs of today’s modern family. With 18 years of Mortgage Experience I have pretty much seen it all.


I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and a M.B.A in Human Resource Management, coupled with a customer service oriented Mindset.  With my knowledge and expertise I can help borrowers structure the optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals and get HOMEOWNERSHIP POPPING. H.I.P allows me to do the impossible on the daily!  I decided to start a Brokerage to shy away from "Large company" sales mentality and focus on helping the common family.

I believe that together, true professionals are capable of anything! My goal is to make the dream of home ownership come true for YOU.  Working hard and fixing problems is my specialty. Let me put in some work for you and we can be successful together! Let me know how I can help you today achieve your goals!


Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Shiba was GREAT!

She was great!

She gave me step by step instructions for the loan process.  It was easy and I felt really good working with her.  She was absolutely great.  Thank you, Shiba!

Customer Review
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